Other Projects

Here's a few of the other things I've got my hands in....

I do some blogging on this site, and am working on a book about ritual tools


Co-founder / coordinator of The Magickal Marketplace & Psychic Faire
Now in our fourth year, the MM&PF has become New England's largest psychic faire and features live entertainment, free classes and seminars, and some of the finest vendors and crafters anywhere- All spread out over two entire ballrooms.  The Marketplace returns to the Radisson Hotel in Nashua on March 28.

We're also taking over a Beltaine event this year!

Founding board member, A Sacred Place
This 501(c)(3) charity in Canaan NH oversees 40+ acres of sanctuary and festival grounds, and is heavilly invested in helping New Hampshire's homeless population.  I served on the board of directors for several years, including during the process of drating bylaws, incorporating, and gaining official nonprofit status.  I also helped organize several festivals, maintained the website, sat on the planning and educational committes, and pitched manure.

From time to time, I teach classes on Pagan, metaphysical, and magickal subjects like Runes or fortune telling. I've also been writing a book on ceremonial and ritual objects from around the world, so a number of my classes link to that general subject in some way.