Are we a Christian Nation? Part I: In which I argue principle and appeal to justice.

I've heard talk today about how we are a Christian nation, or a nation under God, and felt the need to respond with what I think really makes this country great.

For all that we talk about freedom today, the fact is that every tyrant, pope and despot has had their freedom, as have the loyal followers who supported them- often at the expense of those who did not. America's great triumph is not freedom, but equal protection under the law- the radical notion that ALL men should have equal claim to freedom and justice- not just the wealthy or powerful.


How Westboro Baptist Works, and How to Stop Them

This was posted to Facebook in 2010.  I'm populating the new website with some old material until everything is up and running.

How Westboro Baptist Works
The first thing you need to understand about Fred Phelps is that he is not staging a protest, he is running a business.  The second thing you need to understand is how they use their Constitutionally guaranteed rights to exploit others.  Here is their standard procedure:



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