Music and Art

I have a bunch of original artwork for sale on one of my Facebook pages.  You can also support my art and music directly at my Patreon page, to get downloads, lyrics, and more.

Spray Painting

The image on the left was done with spray cans, newspaper, and some torn posterboard. It's an art form that originated in Mexico about 30 years ago- I learned it down in Key West in the mid-90s.  

I split these works into two sort of distinct categories- The first is the "gallery" works using multipart stencils and some traditional techniques, on stretched or backed canvas.  They vary in size, and sell for $30-$100.

The other category are done as a form of street performance.  They each average around 5 minutes to create, to the amazement of the crowd which always gathers to catch the show.  Each painting is done on 11x14 posterboard and sells for around $20.  

I do plenty of traditional artwork as well.  I prefer black and white mediums like pen & ink, charcoals, or pyrography, but every once in a while I like to play with paint or colored pencil.   Lately, I've been designing a tarot deck, and doing a bunch of stencil work.

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Over the last 20 years, I've written and recorded music, played out both as a solo performer and with bands, and helped out with a couple other folks' projects.  My last band, Featherscale

, was actually pretty successful within in our own little demographic- We headlined festivals in NYC, Virginia, and around New England, and our CD Gyspy Heart got airplay on a whole bunch of podcasts.

I am now booking gigs throughout the NH Seacoast and Lakes regions, and Southern ME.  Email me for availability and access to my press kit.

My style tends towards an agressive, expressive acoustic rock, with a pretty obvious influence of Irish folk, early punk, and the great singer/songwriters like Warren Zevon and Johnny Cash.  With that said, I've done everything from heavy metal and punk to mellow acoustic ballads and 80s pop.


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Art and Craftwork

While woodworking is my main area of expertise, I've also had experience working in natural and polymer clay, soft metals (embossing and casting), paper, fabric (including sewing), plastic, leather, glass, and pretty much anything else I've managed to get my hands on.  I love working with new and interesting materials and advanced tools like CNC routing and laser cutting. For a little under a decade, I ran The Haunted Wood, where I sold my metaphysical items, and some other crafts.  My latest endeavor is creating musical instruments, and a project is underway to record an album entirely using instruments I've built myself.


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Artwork Gallery