Next Year Last Week.

This week, we got a really good look at the next few years, and it should scare you.  

In the past week, our president elect has gone on a tirade against Meryl Streep and delegitimized the free press in favor of the propaganda arm of the white nationalist movement.  He's suggested special favors for those who appease him. He announced plans for an unpreceedentedly naked level of nepotism in our government. Looks like we're going to be the ones paying for that wall after all. Oh, and we heard rumors that he likes Russian hookers and watersports.

That's not what should scare you- Well, maybe the fake news part- That's just Donald Trump being Donald Trump.  It's that while we've been busy watching this unfold, the Republicans in congress have been effectively staging a coup.  They have voted on legislation which:

On a related note, they decided that appointees to our highest positions don't need background checks, and a judge ruled that doctors can refuse to treat whomever they want- They can turn away gay or transgendered patients, or women who have previously had an abortion.

And as usual, took aim at Planned Parenthood.  While that's actually starting to seem quaint by comparison, it was deploying a blockade of armed guards to prevent citizens from delivering signed petitions to lawmakers which really pushes things over the edge.  Oh, and they are killing the ACA.

There's two things about this that should terrify any American.  FIrst is that they are using Trump's antics as a screen to stage their coup.  Second, is that they're staging a literal fucking coup, and how do people not see this?  They are literally rewriting the rules to seize power from lawful officials who oppose them by bypassing them completely- That is pretty much the definition of a coup.  

Now, admittedly, Bernie is attempting to save Medicare and Social Security while Clinton is off doing whatever it is that she does, and Warren is taking on the fight agains conflicts of interest- But the more Republicans rewrite the rules, the less effective their efforts will be.

Strap in, folks, this storm hasn't even begun to blow.