It's Not Politics as Usual

Apparently Hillary Clinton was in town today. It got me thinking a bit about the hate that's being sent her way, not the least of which comes from Bernie fans. I know I'm guilty of that myself.


The thing is, Hillary isn't all that bad when compared to the rest of congress, pundits, and recent officials.  She's a Washington insider with a good track record on abortion, finally came around on gay rights, and gets her money fromt the same place everyone else in her position does.  Under any other circumstances, she'd be an easy pick as the lesser of two evils.


But there's the rub- For the first time I remember, we have a candidate that's not evil.  We have someone with an unmatched record on civil rights and a clear and proven comittment to the poor and middle class, who is let's be honest, shockingly unecumbered by big money.  We finally have a candidate who is actually good. His very participation in this race shines a light on the festering pit that is business as usual, for the first time in some voter's lives reminding them that the lesser of two evils is still evil.  For the first election I've ever voted in, I have a choice not between two evils, but between evil and good- And I'll be damned if I'm going to compromise in the face of that.