The "Fuck it, I don't care anymore", a recipe for those who are no longer kidding themselves.

It began as an attempt to outdo the Bacon Explosion- barbecued loaf of bacon wrapped in sausage wrapped in bacon.  It was inspired by the Double Bypass- a bacon double cheeseburger served with two grilled cheese sandwiches as a bun.  It evolved into something that makes deep-fried Oreos look like a green salad with lite dressing on the side. It is a dish so horrifying, and yet so appealing, that it caters only to those who would look a pound of bacon in the eye and say "Yes, but only if it's fried in lard".  In deference to the health of anyone who dare to try it, it could only be named the "fuck it, I don't care anymore".  It has yet to be made, but I'm willing to do it if I can get 5 other people to come eat one.  I release this into to the world knowing full well what I have wrought, yet simply not caring any more.

  1. Begin with a bratwurst, wrapped in cheese.
  2. Then wrap it in layers of bacon, hamburger, more bacon, sausage, and yes, another layer of bacon.
  3. Slice the log-like construction into round patties.  Deep fry them.  Deep fry the hell out of them.
  4. Pile high with french fried onion rings.
  5. Slather with chili, cheese, and just for the fuck of it, some more bacon.
  6. Serve between two grilled bacon and cheese sandwiches, with -just a touch- of Baconaise.
  7. Garnish with a sprig of parsley, which you refer to as "a side salad".