Creative Consultant

What does a creative consultant do, exactly?  Well, that depends on the job:  Maybe it's something as simple as designing a new business card, or maybe it's as complex as launching a startup.  For the most part, it's about having a set of fresh eyes look at the problem and help you see what you're too close to see for yourself.

I'm willing to work on a contract or hourly basis.  Feel free to email me and see what I can do for you.  If you need references, you can take a look at my LinkedIn page.

Here are a few of the services I've done in the past:

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This is the big one- Branding is hugely important for any business, as well as for business-like entities such as musicians, nonprofits, and even job-seekers.  Essentially, branding boils down to finding and defining the overall look and feel of your brand.  While this usually involves designing your website, stationary, adverising, and other media, it is much more about creating the overall effect- color schemes, fonts, and personality that tie all of that together.  Learn more about branding here.

Graphic and Web Design

I do some web development in HTML and the Drupal CMS, and host a number of websites.  Here's a bunch more information with links to sites I've put together, pricing info, and a bit more.

I also do plenty of other design work:  Logos, posters, packaging, booklets- Whatever you need.  Here's my portfolio and pricing information.

For Businesses

There are plenty of places where a fresh set of eyes can benefit you.  Here are just a few of the things I've helped with in the past:

  • Evaluation of website, printed materials, and social media

  • Creation of information and advertising campaigns

  • Evaluate customer base versus products / services offered

  • Discover new marketing mediums and strategies

  • Identify new sales outlets

  • Viral and nontraditional marketing

I often end up doing design work or branding as part of this.

For Event Organizers

I've run or helped run many successful events, from concerts to multi-day festivals, and am ready to help you with whatever you need- From putting together a plan to finding a venue to managing the guest list, I'm well versed on every step you need to take, and more importantly, know the success secrets most people miss.

For Bands, Videographers and Performers

Being a musician myself, I have a pretty solid grasp of what it takes to market your music and yourself to an audience and keep them engaged.  Promotion is a full time job- But if you have the will, I can show you the way.

I'm also available for some light recording, foley, voiceover, and track doctoring.  Maybe you've got the next big hit, but it's still missing something- I can help you figure out what, and how to fill that space.

For Inventors, Crafters, and Tinkers

I've worked with dozens of materials and techniques, including many that you might not even know existed!  If you're having trouble with a specific project, I might be able to help find a solution, whether it's in a new and novel material, a simple change you may have missed, or an applicable lesson from an entirely different area of expertise.